Accept it- It’s Yours - “Accident prevention is everyone’s responsibility.”   You have probably heard the above TRUE statement more times than you can remember! Safety has to be the responsibility of every one of us. No one person can constantly watch, guide, and instruct every operation every day. Our organization’s management team is very concerned with your safety. However,… Read More »
A Safe Worker’s Promise - Personal commitments you can live and work by: I anticipate possible dangers in any given operation and make every effort to analyze and avoid them before starting work, including immediately communicating such to my direct report. I am careful when using tools and use them only for the purpose for which they were designed. I… Read More »
Proper Lifting Technique - Follow these tips to avoid compressing the spinal discs or straining your lower back when you are lifting:   Keep a wide base of support. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart, with one foot slightly ahead of the other. Squat down, bending at the hips and knees only. If needed, put one knee to the… Read More »
Heat Illness - When the body is unable to cool off by sweating, heat-induced illnesses such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke can occur. These illnesses are very serious and can sometimes result in death. High temperatures, humidity, direct sun or heat, limited air movement, physical exertion, poor physical condition, some medications, and inadequate tolerance for hot workplaces… Read More »
Emergency Eye Wash and Shower - Many chemicals, such as acids and bases, are corrosive and can easily damage employees’ skin and eyes. The severity of damage depends on how strong the chemical is, how long contact is maintained, and what actions are taken after contact is made. The first 10 – 15 seconds after exposure to a hazardous substance are… Read More »
Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention – Housekeeping and Spill Response - Housekeeping is one of the most important practices for preventing slips, trips, and falls. Obstacles and clutter are a major cause of trips, and floor wetness and contaminants are major causes of slips. Cleaning and Tidying Keep walkways and aisles clear. Remove obstacles and anything that is not necessary. Do not allow clutter or trash… Read More »
Basic Stretches - Why do we stretch? Stretching is useful for both injury prevention and treatment. Stretching increases flexibility which directly translates into reduced risk of injury. Stretching allows a greater range of motion, making you less likely to experience an injury. Stretching enhances your balance, coordination, and circulation. Stretching increases blood flow to your muscles. Improved circulation… Read More »
The Basic’s of First Aid - The essential rules of first aid: Rule 1: Call 911 if needed.   Time is important. If it is determined that emergency medical services are needed, call immediately. Rule 2: You must be properly trained and certified in first aid and CPR in order to assist an injured person.   You may do more harm… Read More »
Power Tool Safety - Power tools can be very dangerous when used improperly. Cuts, punctures, electric shock, and burns are common consequences of accidents involving these tools. Always exercise caution when working with or around power tools. * Keep tools clean. Poor maintenance is responsible for many accidents. * Ensure that all guards are in place. * Disconnect the… Read More »
Eye and Face Protection - Safety glasses and goggles: Glasses are primarily used to shield the eyes from impacts and ultraviolet radiation. Goggles form a protective seal around the eyes and prevent objects, dust, vapors, and liquids from entering the eye. Both may incorporate prescription lenses. Both can be used in combination with other eye and face protection. Both need… Read More »