What is a CORE?

The goal of the program is to reward CCS Employees that exemplify the CCS Core Values daily:

  • Safety – We believe that completing the job safely is more important than completing the job.
  • Teamwork – We believe that, if we work together, we can achieve higher levels of success.
  • Service – We make deliberate decisions and actions to benefit others. Service is sacrifice.
  • Urgency – We act with responsiveness and determination.
  • Follow-Through – Our discipline and commitment enable us to follow-through on our actions.

Employees that demonstrate the CCS Core Values will now be recognized as CORE Employees.

If you are CORE, you will be considered for the best projects and clients while receiving the best service from CCS.

Milestone Reward Program Rules

  • The Program is based on hours calculated and accumulated after 5-1-2020 paydate.
  • The more hours worked, the more Milestone Rewards earned, and the higher level of CORE achieved.
  • Each hour level has a specific Reward and Safety Training associated to it.
  • Once the hours level is achieved and Safety Training is completed, then the Reward will be distributed.
  • CCS will contact you and provide you access to the Safety Training once level is achieved.
  • In order to participate, employee must download CCS App.
  • In order to receive Guaranteed 4 or 8 Hours Holiday pay, you must have hours worked the week of the holiday.  The non-Core Holiday Requirement is 520 hours worked the 13 weeks prior to the Holiday.  Once you hit these tiers, the 520 hour requirement is removed.
  • If the Referral Bonus Multiplier is hit, you will receive $225 for referral that works 250 hours rather than the standard non-Core $150.  These bonuses are Unlimited!
  • Once you hit the 8 Hour Vacation Tier, an 8 Hour bonus will be added to your check.
  • Please note that CCS Construction Staffing reserves the right to change the program at any time.
  • If you have any questions, please contact your CCS Recruiter.