Frequently Asked Questions


Transparency in Coverage Required Posting

What is the cost of CCS’ services to job seekers?

There is no cost to job seekers. We are paid by the companies where our employees are placed.

What benefits do you offer?

Our benefits include contributory medical insurance, holiday pay, and unlimited $250 Referral Bonuses.

How long do assignments last?

The length of an assignment varies according to our client’s needs — ranging from a few months to a few years. We work to place you in a role that fits your short-term or long-term needs.  It is important that you communicate your goals to your recruiter.

How and when am I paid?

CCS offers weekly pay every Thursday.  CCS encourages Direct Deposits or Global Cash Cards to ensure you receive your pay timely.  If you choose to receive a live paycheck, it will be mailed from our Charlotte, NC HQ on Thursday.  The arrival date of a live paycheck depends on your local mail service.

How do I stay connected to open CCS’ jobs?

If you would like to be notified of any jobs in your area, please sign up to receive Job Alerts from CCS.

Do you have a general mailbox for resumes, or do I have to apply for a specific job?

If you’d like to be considered for employment, but do not see a current job posting that matches your skills and experience, we encourage you to submit your resume to

I am relocating soon. Can I apply for a job in my new location?

Absolutely.  Feel free to submit your resume to or directly a recruiter in your new area.

Do you offer internships?

CCS offers corporate internships at its Headquarters in Charlotte, NC. Please contact our corporate office about internship possibilities at 704-561-0053.

How do I refer a friend?

CCS offers unlimited $250 referral bonuses.  To begin the process, please complete our Referral Form.

Who do I contact with safety issues, or if I’m injured on the job?

If you have questions about safety or have been injured on a job, please contact our Safety Coordinator JeffreyTelmanik IMMEDIATELY at 704-989-3784.

How do I access my pay history, or view my paystubs?

You can access your pay history and paystubs at here.

What is the deadline to enter in my time?

All time must be submitted to by Monday at 9am.

Employee Questions

How do I get a blank timecard?

Blank timecards can be accessed here.

Who do I contact for payroll issues?

If you have any payroll issue, please contact our customer service at 704-561-0053.

Who do I contact to input my time?

Please contact the Time Entry Coordinator at 704-654-0197 and leave a voicemail or send a text message with your hours. You can also email your timecard to

Who do I contact for paperwork questions?

If you have any questions about how to complete paperwork, please contact our office at 704-561-0053.

When will W-2 forms be mailed out?

W-2 forms are mailed out the last week of January to your address on file.  All mailing addresses must be revised by January 1.

If you have not received your W-2 by mid-February, you can request a reprint from the corporate office.

How do I contact your corporate headquarters?

Our corporate headquarters is located at 3600 N. Tryon, Charlotte, NC 28206.

By Mail: Carolinas Construction Solutions, LLC. PO BOX 791638, Charlotte, NC 28206.

By Phone: (704) 561-0053 or 1-800-884-6850.

CCS Construction Staffing Location Questions

How do I contact my nearest representative?

Visit CCS Construction Staffing’s’ website to view our representatives. You can also call 704-561-0053 to be connected to the corporate office.

I don’t live near a CCS Construction office. Can I still apply for jobs with you?

Yes.  CCS works with many companies that have locations all over the southeast. You can apply through our jobboards and contact our recruiters. Our recruiters will be happy to discuss employment opportunities with you.