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Considering a Job Change? Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Job


Choosing a different career path

Do you wake up with your alarm every morning and find yourself pressing snooze? More than once? Or have you experienced the “Sunday Scaries”? This terminology explains that dread of Monday that comes as the weekend draws to a close and you begin thinking about what waits ahead for you at work the next day. If… Read More »

Keep Workers Safe from Lightning On The Job


lightning bolt

The hazards that come along with construction work aren’t foreign to the professionals. However, this also means that managers know how important it is to prepare for every possible danger. Today, CCS Construction Staffing is looking at a different risk: lightning. On the job, the threat of extreme weather is no joke. We’re discussing the… Read More »

Cold Stress


Weather can often be unpredictable and extreme. Freezing temperatures can create serious health problems, collectively called cold stress. Cold Stress Factors                                Freezing or near-freezing weather Strong winds Being wet Working for long periods in extreme cold Working in poorly-insulated or poorly-heated areas Being unaccustomed to freezing weather Preventive Measures Monitor yourself and your coworkers for… Read More »

America is Running Out of Plumbers


sink dripping

The plumbing profession is in danger! While there are consistent requests for plumbers throughout the country, the responses don’t match up. It’s this simple: America is running out of plumbers. To keep the profession secure and help those that need plumbing work, we’ll need to focus on the following:  Outgoing Veterans  The rate of replacement… Read More »

Improve Your Leadership Skills 10/12: Celebrate Small Achievements


man celebrating

Welcome to the tenth segment of our twelve-part leadership series! Throughout the year, we’re focusing on the different methods you can use to improve your leadership abilities. This month we’re addressing the little things that are worth celebrating. We’re not saying that every traffic cone requires a bottle of bubbly. However, a great manager can… Read More »

Accept it- It’s Yours


“Accident prevention is everyone’s responsibility.”   You have probably heard the above TRUE statement more times than you can remember! Safety has to be the responsibility of every one of us. No one person can constantly watch, guide, and instruct every operation every day. Our organization’s management team is very concerned with your safety. However,… Read More »

A Safe Worker’s Promise


Personal commitments you can live and work by: I anticipate possible dangers in any given operation and make every effort to analyze and avoid them before starting work, including immediately communicating such to my direct report. I am careful when using tools and use them only for the purpose for which they were designed. I… Read More »