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Ladder Safety


Use the appropriate ladder for the job. Inspect the ladder for defects before using. Check to see if fall protection is needed. Place on stable and level ground. Assure that load capacity is not exceeded. Use three points of contact while on the ladder. If a ladder is used to access an upper landing, the… Read More »

The Hard and Soft Skills to Identify in Your Next Plumbing Hire


Teaching a new team member doesn’t have to be a challenge if you make the right hiring decisions. Interviewing in the plumbing industry may have you struggling for the best way to know who to bring into your team. A resume isn’t enough these days – you need to know the hard and soft skills it takes… Read More »

Controlling Construction Costs 4/5: Tactical Labor 


If you are looking to strengthen your construction force, you need CCS Construction Staffing. Our experts are helping construction hiring managers navigate through our Controlling Construction Costs series. For the fourth part of our series, we’re discussing tactical labor and how you can maximize the potential of your staff.    Versatile Staff  A multifaceted construction… Read More »

The Easiest Ways to Make a Great Impression During Your Job Interview 


Looking to land the job? Interviews are that critical make-or-break moment that allows you to prove you’re more than your resume. Making a terrific first impression is the only way to secure a new position. Here are the simplest ways to impress in an interview setting.  Go for Outgoing  Your first interview impression is a serious occasion.… Read More »

Slips, Trips and Falls


Safety tips: Keep the floor clear. Remember to keep hoses and electrical cords out of walkways. Keep the floor clean. Clean up grease, water and other liquids immediately. Install non-skid mats in walkways and handrails in stairways. Climbing and reaching high places will increase your chance of falling. Use appropriate gear for tasks in these… Read More »

How to Engage and Retain Your Older Workers


In the construction industry, it’s hard to let go of your talented trades. Retaining staff members that are older with more experience can really help you keep projects moving and help you train newer hires. Veteran employees that aren’t satisfied with what your company can offer may be tempted to jump ship. Losing your accomplished… Read More »

Ready for Your First Construction Job? Read This!


Are you looking for a potentially lucrative opportunity without a college degree? For those willing to put in the work, there’s hard-earned money available for qualified candidates in manual labor. If you are looking to begin your construction career, you need CCS Construction Staffing. We can guide you through those initial steps and help you transition to… Read More »

Controlling Construction Costs 3/5: Avoid Delays


work-life balance from manager

To help stay on budget, it is important to stay on schedule. There are many factors that could cause a project to veer off course, but there are ways to help avoid the possible delays. For the third part of our five ways to control construction costs, we’ll discuss how you can avoid delays.  Tight… Read More »

The 6 Work Habits That Every Electrician Should Have


construction hard hats

Your apprenticeship is wrapping up, and it takes more than a few classes to prepare yourself for your entry into the electrical industry. When setting yourself up for success as an electrician, these work habits can come in handy.  Reliability  To be early is to be on time, particularly for an electrician. Prepare in advance… Read More »