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Controlling Construction Costs 1/5: Inventory Management


Supervising a construction team is tough, but minding your bottom line is the real challenge. CCS Construction Staffing has the insight your company needs to keep costs low and manage your operation effectively. For our series on 5 Strategies To Control Construction Costs, we go more in-depth on how important inventory management can play a role… Read More »

America is Running Out of Plumbers


sink dripping

The plumbing profession is in danger! While there are consistent requests for plumbers throughout the country, the responses don’t match up. It’s this simple: America is running out of plumbers. To keep the profession secure and help those that need plumbing work, we’ll need to focus on the following:  Outgoing Veterans  The rate of replacement… Read More »

Leverage a Construction Staffing Firm To Stay Fully Staffed During Summer Months


Construction Staffing

The summer sun is here to stay: the construction season is upon us. Whether you’re in the thick of a commercial development project or you’re handling smaller contracts that come your way, you’ll need a strong summer staff to get the job done. Seasonal staffing can be a challenge for any construction company, especially with… Read More »