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Improve Profitability by Gaining Repeat Construction Customers


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Gaining repeat construction customers is easier and less costly than earning new customers. This is why your company needs to go out of its way to provide quality work. This includes finishing projects on time and within budget. Your customers will remember how they felt while working with you. This is why you need to… Read More »

Answering the Interview Question “Tell Me About a Time You Had to Sacrifice Quality to Finish a Job”


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When asked about finishing your construction work on time, you need to show that quality always comes first. Because you understand that your work needs to be done right, you must show this when you answer interview questions. It is important that you not sacrifice quality just to get the job done faster.   Follow… Read More »

Sacrificing Quality for Time: Is It Ever Appropriate?


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Construction is a constant balancing act. Deadlines are tight and often inflexible, but quality and safety are key. Sacrificing the quality of a job in favor of meeting a deadline is never recommended, but there’s no reason you can’t achieve the highest quality standards while still being on time. How can you ensure top quality… Read More »