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Best Tips on Reducing Turnover of Hourly Employees


Construction Executive

Turnover is the dreaded issue many leaders face, particularly when you staff hourly positions. Spending time and money on an onboarding process, only to have that qualified candidate walk out the door a few weeks later? Quit tearing your hair out and tackle this issue head on. If you want to know how to reduce… Read More »

Best Practices to Retain Your Best Construction Employees


CCS Construction Staffing

Hiring great construction workers is only half the battle when it comes to having a great construction crew. You may find qualified candidates to join your team (especially if you utilize a top staffing agency), but the real challenge is retaining your staff members. The construction industry is facing a labor shortage across the country.… Read More »

Want to Boost Productivity? Encourage Your Employees to Take Vacations


Construction Staffing

The modern era of the 24/7 culture places can be stressful and toxic. These days, everyone is available with the push of a button, and we live in a society full of constant pings, texts, tweets, and notifications. Receiving messages all day and all night is no longer uncommon. It can be tempted to make… Read More »