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6 Ways to Have an Effective Performance Appraisal


A performance appraisal lets an employee and their manager discuss the employee’s performance, goals, and future development opportunities. This typically includes reviewing previously set objectives, setting new objectives for the next review period, and taking notes on the discussion. A performance appraisal often is used along with other performance assessment tools. Examples include the following:… Read More »

5 Tips for an Effective Performance Appraisal


A performance appraisal is one way to provide feedback on an employee’s contributions and results. This lets you set goals and clarify how success will be measured. It also lets you praise the employee for their positive results and suggest steps for improvement in other areas. Planning the discussion in advance ensures you cover the… Read More »

How to Conduct Effective Performance Reviews for Your Crew


Construction projects don’t allow for a ton of time to reflect and revisit your team’s operations. It’s often a matter of tying up loose ends and immediately moving on to the next project. However, all employees value feedback, and you are likely required to review performance annually if not more frequently. Here are our top… Read More »