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Key Qualities to Look for When Hiring Journeyman Electricians and Electrical Apprentices


A journeyman electrician is in the second stage of their electrician career path. This tradesperson completed their education and training and became licensed. The journeyman electrician can work independently in residential, commercial, or government buildings while reporting to a master electrician. An electrical apprentice is a student in an apprenticeship program. This apprentice learns through… Read More »

How to Speed Up the Hiring Process for a Construction Job


CCS - CCS- How to Speed Up the Hiring Process for a Construction Job

Hiring can be so frustrating, especially when you need new talent immediately. Holding up a construction project for lack of staff can really damage your timeline and your budget. Streamlining the hiring process will make sure you don’t miss out on the best candidates. Here’s how you can speed up your hiring process!    … Read More »

How A Staffing Agency Can Save You Time On Your Next Construction Project


While we have seen massive changes in the workforce after 2020, staffing agencies have continued to recruit. Despite slowdowns and shutdowns, a top temporary staffing service like CCS Construction staffing does not skip a beat. If you are responsible for construction hiring, here’s exactly why you need to team up with a staffing agency to… Read More »

Are You a Leader or a Boss?


Are you truly ready to manage a team? If you have experience being the boss, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be a good leader. Let’s talk about the difference between being a leader and being a boss, which is more effective and determining which one you are. Leadership Styles Your approach is everything, especially considering… Read More »

10 Interview Questions to Ask to Find the Best Construction Candidates


To determine the best fit for your construction crew, you’ll want to get enough valuable information on potential new hires. Let’s talk about the top ten important interview questions that employers should ask prospective construction candidates to determine whether or not they would be a good addition to their team.   1. Ready for the Basics?… Read More »

Our Guide to Hiring Top Talent During the Construction Labor Shortage


Construction Staffing

As a leader in the construction industry, it’s important to find the right talent to help execute your vision. Lack of eligible workers is slowing the growth of the industry as a whole, which reduces your project opportunities. But in a profession that’s facing a serious candidate shortage, it can be difficult to fill the… Read More »

Don’t Let Perfectionism Ruin Your Hiring Process


CCS Construction Staffing

The search for the perfect candidate — where does it usually end? Just like the perfect boss or the perfect business, the perfect hire, especially in construction, is something that rarely, if ever, exists. While it is important to search until you find the right person, waiting until you come across the ideal worker, laborer… Read More »