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Dress For Success! How to Dress Safely for Your Construction Job


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Working in construction requires wearing the appropriate clothing. This increases your safety and the safety of others. Your employer typically provides rules about the type of clothing to wear for a job site. There likely are signs at a job site to provide additional reminders. The following guidelines provide insight into the proper attire to… Read More »

4 Construction Degrees


If you want a career in the construction industry, you may decide to pursue a degree in the field that interests you. Most degree programs teach cost estimating, building materials, and blueprint reading. You might learn accounting, quality control, and communications as well. If your program involves field experience, you would get a head start… Read More »

How to Turn a Temporary Position into a Permanent One


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Temp-to-hire positions let candidates explore job opportunities without committing to a long-term placement. These situations are a great way for construction employees to decide if a company or job site is the right fit for them. It also gives contractors a chance to get to know contract workers, to see how they work with their… Read More »