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Fall Clearance: How to Correctly Calculate


If you or your construction team work at heights, you must understand how to effectively calculate fall clearance. This is the distance needed to prevent a worker from hitting the ground or lower level in case of a fall. ┬áBecause even a small miscalculation can result in serious injury or death, accuracy is essential. Follow… Read More »

Swing Radius For Fall Protection


When rigging for fall protection (or fall restraint when working on roofs), keep the tie-back in a straight line (or within 15 degrees) from the anchor point, which must be capable of supporting a load of at least 5,000 pounds. If for any reason you fall from either a roof, scaffold or Rope Descent System,… Read More »

Lift Safety


Scissor lifts are work platforms used to safely move workers vertically and to different locations in a variety of industries including construction, retail, entertainment and manufacturing. Scissor lifts are different from aerial lifts because the lifting mechanism moves the work platform straight up and down using crossed beams functioning in a scissor-like fashion. Although scissor… Read More »