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What Should You Wear to an Electrician Interview?


Your electrician training has led you to a new job opportunity. Your resume looks great and an interview has been requested. But it can be difficult to determine what attire is appropriate for your interview as a blue-collar worker. You may be used to a very casual outfit for your daily jobs, but you’ll need… Read More »

The 6 Work Habits That Every Electrician Should Have


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Your apprenticeship is wrapping up, and it takes more than a few classes to prepare yourself for your entry into the electrical industry. When setting yourself up for success as an electrician, these work habits can come in handy.  Reliability  To be early is to be on time, particularly for an electrician. Prepare in advance… Read More »

Tips to Becoming an Electrician


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Trades in the construction industry gain many advantages. Increased pay, rewarding assignments, and abundant opportunities are just a few benefits of specializing in a specific facet of construction work. Training to become an electrician takes several years and a lot of hard work, but any professional can tell you there are many benefits to this… Read More »