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10 Ways to Save Construction Costs at Work


1) Material Cost Create a spreadsheet where you can track the item and price per quantity. This will make it easy to remember how much of each material you need. Additionally, you can compare prices all in one document to see which supplier will be the right choice. This can be extra helpful if you’re… Read More »

Controlling Construction Costs 5/5: Constant Communication


If you ask the top ten construction gurus in the United States what the most important aspect of construction work is, most of them would tell you it’s communication. There is an immense amount of moving parts to each job, so it’s crucial to have a stream of information being relayed at all times. As the fourth installment of… Read More »

Controlling Construction Costs 4/5: Tactical Labor 


If you are looking to strengthen your construction force, you need CCS Construction Staffing. Our experts are helping construction hiring managers navigate through our Controlling Construction Costs series. For the fourth part of our series, we’re discussing tactical labor and how you can maximize the potential of your staff.    Versatile Staff  A multifaceted construction… Read More »

Controlling Construction Costs 3/5: Avoid Delays


work-life balance from manager

To help stay on budget, it is important to stay on schedule. There are many factors that could cause a project to veer off course, but there are ways to help avoid the possible delays. For the third part of our five ways to control construction costs, we’ll discuss how you can avoid delays.  Tight… Read More »