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4 Construction Degrees


If you want a career in the construction industry, you may decide to pursue a degree in the field that interests you. Most degree programs teach cost estimating, building materials, and blueprint reading. You might learn accounting, quality control, and communications as well. If your program involves field experience, you would get a head start… Read More »

How to Get into a Skilled Trade


CCS Construction - Skilled Trade

The demand for carpenters, plumbers, electricians and other construction-related roles is high. However, there are not enough qualified workers to fill these roles. This is one reason you should consider training to work in a skilled trade. You likely will have multiple jobs to choose from that fit your interests and qualifications. The increasing challenges… Read More »

Improve Your Leadership Skills 7/12: Continue your Education


In a leadership role, it can be difficult to manage a wide variety of workers. It gets even more complicated when you communicate with people that have varying ages and levels of experience and education. The one way to stay in sync with your staff and command your team effectively is to continue your education.… Read More »