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Controlling Construction Costs 3/5: Avoid Delays


work-life balance from manager

To help stay on budget, it is important to stay on schedule. There are many factors that could cause a project to veer off course, but there are ways to help avoid the possible delays. For the third part of our five ways to control construction costs, we’ll discuss how you can avoid delays.  Tight… Read More »

Fine-Tune Your Hiring Process to Find the Top Talent


Between no-show interviewees, poor fit, one paragraph resumes, and poor fit, your hiring process may have you tearing your hair out. Whether you’re short-staffed due to turnover or you’re looking for a highly qualified pro to fill one specific niche, it’s important to focus on finding the best applicants possible. Revisit Your Requirements Sometimes your… Read More »

How You Can Promote Diversity in the Workplace


Diversity in the workplace is a large component of effective leadership and management. If you are not prepared to manage any type of person, you won’t be able to succeed with your team. Are you looking to bring your business up to speed, or expand your current horizons? Here’s how you can achieve this is… Read More »

Building a Career in the Construction Industry? Follow These 5 Tips


Construction Career

Some construction workers think that this life is all about going from job to job. Wiser professionals know that each role can connect you to your next career move. Charting a path in this industry can be challenging, but if you dedicate yourself to growth, you can step ahead of the competition. If you’re interested… Read More »

Is Friendly Competition the Key to a Productive Jobsite?


Some bosses try to motivate with love; others with fear. If you are making an effort to be the most effective leader possible, it’s important to ensure you’re getting through to your team. Think about what works for you, and what you’ve seen succeed in practice. Today, we’re taking a look at one option: good… Read More »

Want to Be an Electrician? Start by Being a Top Helper


Electricians, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, made an average of $55,190 in 2018. But electricians are not made overnight. It takes years to cultivate the experience necessary to succeed in this challenging career path. As an electrician helper, you’ll learn the ins and outs of this trade, which can be an extremely rewarding profession.… Read More »

Improve Your Leadership Skills 8/12: How to Make Your Workers Feel Valued


As the eighth installment of our leadership series, we’re focusing on the best ways to empower your team and lead your staff to a successful outcome. No matter what you’re working on or what your organization takes on, you need to make your staff a priority. Here are a few of the best ways to make… Read More »

Improve Your Leadership Skills 7/12: Continue your Education


In a leadership role, it can be difficult to manage a wide variety of workers. It gets even more complicated when you communicate with people that have varying ages and levels of experience and education. The one way to stay in sync with your staff and command your team effectively is to continue your education.… Read More »

The Role of a Staffing Firm in Eliminating Administrative Headaches


CCS Construction Staffing

Administrative paperwork: the bane of any construction project manager. Losing out on vital time on the job because you’re buried in paperwork and other administrative duties? We feel your frustration. How does teaming up with a staffing firm help you get back to work? We’ll share that with you here: We Bring You Top Candidates… Read More »

Importance of Setting Career Goals to Advance Your Construction Career


Construction Staffing

Your future is just that – yours. If you’re not embracing and planning out each step on your professional journey in the construction industry, you’re making a massive mistake. Structured goals help you think big picture while accomplishing all necessary tasks along the way. Setting goals also makes your life easier. Heading into your shift… Read More »