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Plumber Safety Tips


Because your role as a plumber often involves working in unsafe circumstances, you have to take measures to protect yourself. Working in confined spaces near electricity and water, as well as being exposed to dangerous substances, is common on job sites. This is why you must keep yourself safe while resolving plumbing issues.    … Read More »

Beat the Heat at the Construction Site this Summer with These 4 Tips



Summer is here, and that comes with many advantages and disadvantages, especially in the Southeastern US. When the weather warms, construction gigs are more pleasant – until it hits 90+ degrees. Here we’ll talk about how to keep your energy up and beat the heat when working construction gigs:     1. Dress for the… Read More »

Keep Workers Safe from Lightning On The Job


lightning bolt

The hazards that come along with construction work aren’t foreign to the professionals. However, this also means that managers know how important it is to prepare for every possible danger. Today, CCS Construction Staffing is looking at a different risk: lightning. On the job, the threat of extreme weather is no joke. We’re discussing the… Read More »

Extension Cord Safety


Extension cords are everywhere: Extension cords can be found in nearly all vocational settings due to the widespread use of electronic equipment and electrically powered tools. They are more susceptible to damage than fixed wiring because they are exposed, flexible, and unsecured. The normal wear and tear on extension cords can loosen or expose internal… Read More »

Construction Safety- Safe Practices 2


Physical health and safety: • Report to work rested and physically fit to perform your job. • Intoxicants and illicit drugs are not permitted – cause for disciplinary action. • Bend your knees, and keep your back nearly straight when lifting. Leg muscles, not your back, should do the work. • Get help with heavy… Read More »

Machine safety: using machine guards to reduce risks


Crushed digits, lacerated body parts, fractured bones… this litany of horrors may bring images of grim Victorian workhouses to mind, but tragically such injuries are far from confined to the past.  And the cause? Mechanical equipment used without adequate guarding and safe systems of work. So, given that machinery is the mainstay of many a workplace, how… Read More »

8 Common Causes of Workplace Accidents


The workplace can be dangerous, even more so in an industrial environment. Numerous factors can cause accidents, ranging from overexertion to mishandling of hazardous materials. There are also a multitude of variables that can contribute to or influence a workplace incident. Following are eight of the most common causes of accidents in the workplace: Lifting… Read More »

7 Safety Tips for Working in High Places


In many industries, employees are required to deal with the many risks involved in working in high places. Most people automatically think of a skyscraper building when considering dangerous occupations where work is done above ground level, but death or serious injury can occur much closer to the ground. If a simple fall is hard… Read More »

Working Around Cranes


A crane is one of the most versatile and important pieces of equipment usually found on a construction job. It can be used to accomplish a lot of otherwise heavy lifting tasks. However, it can also be one the most dangerous since it can lift heavy loads over large areas of a project. Today we… Read More »