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Why Having Fun at Work is Good for Business


CCS Construction Staffing

Happy employees are workers who produce. Period. We could actually end this blog now and the main idea would still be lodged firmly in your mind – if you want an increase in business, you’ve got to focus on job satisfaction. Having fun at work is one of the leading ways to improve morale, increase… Read More »

How to Manage a Diverse Workplace


Construction Executive

Things look a lot different on a construction site now than they did 50 or 100 years ago. Back then, the construction industry was predominantly male driven. A construction job site today is a melting pot of different genders, ethnicities and cultures, all bringing unique skills, personalities, and perspective to the job site; how should… Read More »

How to Build and Manage a Talent Pipeline


Back in the 1980s, the average hiring process took under a month. For many in the construction industry, it was even shorter – merely two weeks. Nowadays, however, things are quite different. From executive searches to contract specialty workers, the hiring process has nearly doubled. Some take all the way up to four months. At… Read More »