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Thriving in a Multi-Generational Workplace: How Can You Get Along with Everyone?


In the workforce, it is inevitable that you will be working with a variety of people who are different ages. From 18-year-olds in Generation Z to Baby Boomers, there can be a huge divide in communication, expectations, and styles of efficiency. People of every age can provide value in different ways, so it’s important that… Read More »

The Training and Licensing Needed to Become a Plumber


sink dripping

Would you hire a plumber without experience? Without training? Only if you’re looking for a mess! If you want to make your career in the construction industry, you’ll have to be prepared and armed with knowledge. It’s important to know what is needed as you start your plumbing career. This is what you will need… Read More »

The Essential Soft Skills All Construction Workers Need


construction worker soft skills

In the construction industry, laborers are used to hauling materials, managing equipment, and doing the heavy lifting. A great construction worker is used to showing their hard skills on the job site. But what about those all-important soft skills? The talents that land you your next job and help you be the go-to guy on… Read More »

What You Should Wear to a Construction Job Interview?


man dressed for interview

Your attire should be clean, professional, and make a great impression on a construction recruiter. But where’s the line? Most construction job seekers know that a suit is overkill for a construction interview, but may not know what outfit is appropriate. Here are some tips from CCS Construction Staffing on what to wear for a construction… Read More »

Considering a Job Change? Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Job


Choosing a different career path

Do you wake up with your alarm every morning and find yourself pressing snooze? More than once? Or have you experienced the “Sunday Scaries”? This terminology explains that dread of Monday that comes as the weekend draws to a close and you begin thinking about what waits ahead for you at work the next day. If… Read More »

How To Reduce Construction Worker Turnover


As a construction manager, you know how hard it can be to fill positions. With low unemployment and high demand, it seems like the best laborers get snatched up before jobs are even posted. That’s why it’s essential for you to reduce turnover. Maintaining your existing staff becomes even more imperative and the busy season… Read More »

Top 5 Career Podcasts You Should Be Listening To


If you’re looking for a job but lacking inspiration, try something new: a career-focused podcast that can help you focus your career goals. To explore podcasts that can assist you in a great work experience, check out our top five picks. Ask a Manager To learn more about everyday office issues, try listening to Ask… Read More »

5 Apps to Keep Your Brain Active on Breaks


When you’re on the construction site, sometimes work can be numbing. Whether you’re performing an assembly line type of task or you’re waiting on someone else before you can resume your duties, it’s easy to feel sluggish. To keep your brain active during the day, we’re here to recommend our five favorite phone apps that… Read More »

Help Your Team Become More Self-Sufficient


You hire the best candidates to create a productive team, but are you letting them succeed independently? Do you struggle with giving your staff autonomy? It’s important as a leader to develop trust and create exceptional relationships with your workers for many reasons. Whether you want to boost morale or you simply need to focus… Read More »

Resume Tip: Be Specific With Your Accomplishments


Job seekers know the importance of creating the ideal resume. But most don’t know the secret to a perfect set of application materials: specifics. Only novice candidates think that a longer resume holds more merit than a concise one. If you’re looking for a new position, it’s essential to make sure your employer knows precisely… Read More »