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5 Tips for Inexperienced Construction Project Managers



When you become a project manager, you take on additional expectations for performance and responsibilities. As you go through this learning phase, you likely want all the navigation help you can get. The more you know, the better you can adhere to safety and quality standards while finishing a project on time.   Implement these… Read More »

Top Traits to Look For in a Great Boss


Construction Executive

On the job hunt? We all know that getting a position is all about finding the right fit. But sometimes that match is less about the specific role and more about who you’ll report to. Here are our top traits you should seek in a boss. Active Listener As an employee, you need a supervisor… Read More »

Tips for Controlling Construction Project Costs


Construction Staffing

As a project manager or construction professional, it’s your duty to start any task with a clear plan. Creating the right budget for a job is essential to a successful, profitable project. It can be difficult to manage costs as obstacles come up throughout the construction project. To manage your time and money in the… Read More »