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Safety Isn’t Just Physical: 9 Mental Health Safety Tips


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The fact that May is Mental Health Month emphasizes how important mental wellness is. This is especially true for construction workers. Construction workers need to maintain mental wellness so they can devote their attention and energy to their tasks. This lets the workers meet the rigorous demands of their jobs and move forward on projects.… Read More »

3 Ways to Make Construction Workers’ Mental and Physical Health a Priority


  Safe and effective work on a construction site involves providing support for your workers’ mental and physical health. Workers who experience overall wellness are likely to pay close attention to their tasks, maintain optimal energy levels, and meet the rigorous demands of their jobs. This lowers the odds of taking time off due to… Read More »

Tips on How Construction Managers Can Help Support Employee Health


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The construction industry is a tough one – you’ll have to push yourself to stand out. This field is among the most dangerous, so employee health is of the utmost importance. As a construction manager, you may be wondering how you can make time to prioritize employee health. CCS Construction Staff knows how to find… Read More »