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How to Stand Out When Applying for Construction Positions


Standing out when applying for construction positions is essential. Showing how the value you can provide an employer differs from the value other applicants can provide increases your odds of being contacted for an interview. Construction positions focus more on work experience than education. As a result, you should frame your resume in a way… Read More »

Negotiating Rates as a Construction Job Seeker


Successful negotiation of the pay rate you want for your construction job is important. You must be able to support the lifestyle you desire and be able to retire on schedule. Even if you do not like to negotiate, it is an important skill that impacts your income. This is why practicing your negotiation skills… Read More »

Eight Reasons You Didn’t Get the Job


Construction Staffing

Interviewing for a new position can be stressful. When you’re trying to do everything right to make a good impression on a hiring manager, it’s important to emphasize strengths and steer clear of mistakes. If you didn’t get the job, the following missteps may have occurred. You were unpolished Be sure you look the part!… Read More »