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5 Ways to Stay Motivated at Work During the Holiday Season


Ornaments on a tree

It seems that as soon as December begins, our priorities are challenged. Spare time shrinks, and many find it tough to manage different responsibilities. Here at CCS Construction Staffing, we know the challenges workers face during the holiday season. Don’t get caught in a cycle of procrastination – these are the five best ways to stay… Read More »

What You Should Wear to a Construction Job Interview?


man dressed for interview

Your attire should be clean, professional, and make a great impression on a construction recruiter. But where’s the line? Most construction job seekers know that a suit is overkill for a construction interview, but may not know what outfit is appropriate. Here are some tips from CCS Construction Staffing on what to wear for a construction… Read More »

Improve Your Leadership Skills 11/12: Trust and Delegate


leadership skills

Managing a construction operation comes with plenty of challenges. When you feel like you have too much on your plate, it’s not uncommon to struggle with time management issues and incomplete tasks. In the eleventh part of our “Improve Your Leadership Skills” series from CCS Construction Staffing, we’ll show you why it’s vital to trust… Read More »

Is Friendly Competition the Key to a Productive Jobsite?


Some bosses try to motivate with love; others with fear. If you are making an effort to be the most effective leader possible, it’s important to ensure you’re getting through to your team. Think about what works for you, and what you’ve seen succeed in practice. Today, we’re taking a look at one option: good… Read More »

Improve Your Leadership Skills 8/12: How to Make Your Workers Feel Valued


As the eighth installment of our leadership series, we’re focusing on the best ways to empower your team and lead your staff to a successful outcome. No matter what you’re working on or what your organization takes on, you need to make your staff a priority. Here are a few of the best ways to make… Read More »

The Skills You Need to Become a Great Plumber


In the skilled trades industry, there are often many opportunities to develop a specific trade in order to excel. Plumbing is an ideal career path because of the options and potential. You can pursue the traditional path and consult as a residential plumber, or you can explore commercial plumbing gigs and concentrate on large-scale plumbing… Read More »

How To Reduce Construction Worker Turnover


As a construction manager, you know how hard it can be to fill positions. With low unemployment and high demand, it seems like the best laborers get snatched up before jobs are even posted. That’s why it’s essential for you to reduce turnover. Maintaining your existing staff becomes even more imperative and the busy season… Read More »

How Cutting Back on Coffee can Increase your Energy!


It seems counterintuitive: how would reducing coffee intake give you more energy? We can prove it! While a great cup of coffee can be the perfect fuel to help you tackle your morning tasks, we’ll show you the positive impact that cutting back on coffee can provide. Finding Substitutes If you drink coffee because you… Read More »

5 Apps to Keep Your Brain Active on Breaks


When you’re on the construction site, sometimes work can be numbing. Whether you’re performing an assembly line type of task or you’re waiting on someone else before you can resume your duties, it’s easy to feel sluggish. To keep your brain active during the day, we’re here to recommend our five favorite phone apps that… Read More »

Resume Tip: Be Specific With Your Accomplishments


Job seekers know the importance of creating the ideal resume. But most don’t know the secret to a perfect set of application materials: specifics. Only novice candidates think that a longer resume holds more merit than a concise one. If you’re looking for a new position, it’s essential to make sure your employer knows precisely… Read More »