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REPORT: Construction Hiring Slump Persists – Is Upskilling to Blame?


CCS Construction Staffing

A new report shows that upskilling is a highly practiced trait throughout the hiring process, but this practice is causing some serious consequences in many industries. The low unemployment makes it hard enough to bring in qualified construction recruits. Now, upskilling done in the post-recession economy has left few specialized workers available for your most… Read More »

What to Expect in the Construction Industry in 2016


Construction Staffing

With the start of 2016, it’s clear that this changing construction industry requires adaptable employees. New technology and high-tech equipment mean that temporary and permanent employees have to come in with a strong foundation and develop new skills if they want to excel. More than any other industry, construction must look toward the future if… Read More »

Don’t Let Perfectionism Ruin Your Hiring Process


Perfectionism in Hiring

The search for the perfect candidate — where does it usually end? Just like the perfect boss or the perfect business, the perfect hire, especially in construction, is something that rarely, if ever, exists. While it is important to search until you find the right person, waiting until you come across the ideal worker, laborer… Read More »