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Improve Your Leadership Skills 11/12: Trust and Delegate


leadership skills

Managing a construction operation comes with plenty of challenges. When you feel like you have too much on your plate, it’s not uncommon to struggle with time management issues and incomplete tasks. In the eleventh part of our “Improve Your Leadership Skills” series from CCS Construction Staffing, we’ll show you why it’s vital to trust… Read More »

Considering a Job Change? Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Job


Choosing a different career path

Do you wake up with your alarm every morning and find yourself pressing snooze? More than once? Or have you experienced the “Sunday Scaries”? This terminology explains that dread of Monday that comes as the weekend draws to a close and you begin thinking about what waits ahead for you at work the next day. If… Read More »

America is Running Out of Plumbers


sink dripping

The plumbing profession is in danger! While there are consistent requests for plumbers throughout the country, the responses don’t match up. It’s this simple: America is running out of plumbers. To keep the profession secure and help those that need plumbing work, we’ll need to focus on the following:  Outgoing Veterans  The rate of replacement… Read More »

Make Sure You’re Redeploying Previous Employees


Have you ever asked a candidate to send in their resume, even if you’re not hiring? It’s a good way to take a look at current talent even if you’re satisfied with your existing team. However – what do you do with those resumes? Do you take one look and toss them out? Shove them… Read More »

Improve Your Leadership Skills 6/12: Admit your Weaknesses


Your employees appreciate an open response to a question you might not know. But always remember to follow up after you get the answer. Everyone has to start somewhere, so it’s important to keep in mind that it’s impossible to be an expert on everything. Here we’ll take you through the sixth installment in our… Read More »

How Managing Stress Can Help Your Physical Health


When you’re experiencing an overload of stress, it can be impossible to feel like you’ve got life under control. Whether you’re experiencing long hours or intense projects at work, or you’ve got too much on your plate in your personal life, stress can translate directly into physical damage. We’ll share with you the ways that… Read More »

Be Prepared if the First Candidate Declines the Position


Hiring the right person is hard enough – but how do you proceed when your top choice declines the position? It can be incredibly frustrating to conduct a full hiring screen and end up empty-handed. Don’t let yourself get caught unprepared. CCS Construction Staffing is here to discuss the more delicate issues of hiring, including… Read More »

How Learning Spanish Can Improve your Career Outlook


A career in construction can be tough work, and any step up on the competition will help you land a job. Whether you’re looking for basic laborer positions or you’ve developed a specific trade, you need to stand out as a job candidate. Develop a skill that transcends the basic duties of your job position.… Read More »

Improve Your Leadership Skills 5/12: Keep a Positive Attitude


Next up in our leadership series, we’re going to discuss the importance of maintaining a positive attitude. Your team counts on you to set the tone for your workplace, and they expect an effective and encouraging boss. Managing a team means setting aside personal issues, even when you’re having a tough time. A great outlook… Read More »

Are You Drinking Enough Fluids on the Job?


CCS Construction Staffing manages clients and candidates alike facing the same issue: dehydration. It’s a serious concern in the construction industry, with busy shifts and grueling conditions. In the South, it’s twice as important to stay hydrated. High temperatures and hard work put your body at risk for multiple health issues, and it’s tough to… Read More »