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5 Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Your Foreman


Building a relationship with your foreman supports your physical and mental health. This type of relationship promotes mutual trust and respect. It also increases your motivation to work and decreases your stress level. You may benefit from mentoring and career advancement opportunities as well.     Implement these methods to develop a positive relationship with… Read More »

Improve Profitability by Gaining Repeat Construction Customers


CCS Construction_Diversify Workforce

Gaining repeat construction customers is easier and less costly than earning new customers. This is why your company needs to go out of its way to provide quality work. This includes finishing projects on time and within budget. Your customers will remember how they felt while working with you. This is why you need to… Read More »

The Open Door Policy: The Importance of Communication between Management and Employees


Construction Staffing

From construction sites to corporate offices, you’ve probably heard the term “open door policy” tossed around quite a bit. It seems pretty simple, right? Senior managers swing open theiroffice doorsso the staff can approach them with both job-related and interpersonal issues without fear or anxiety.However, a genuine open door policy can be pretty complex to… Read More »