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Looking for Manpower on Your Construction Site? Here’s How Our Recruiters Can Help


CCS Construction_WorkingWithStaffingAgency

Since 2008, CCS Construction Staffing has served as one of the premier construction temp agencies in the United States. We provide reliable, qualified manpower to the construction trades. Our commitment to filling our clients’ and candidates’ needs means additional flexibility, greater attention to detail, and faster turnaround than with other firms. Discover how the recruiters… Read More »

Inside the CCS Staffing Hiring Process: What You Need to Know


CCS Construction_Inside Our Hiring Process

CCS Construction Staffing is one of the premier construction temp agencies in the country. This is why so many workers want to join our team. Whether you are looking for a temporary, temporary-to-hire, or direct hire role, we have what you are looking for.   Find out about CCS Construction Staffing’s recruitment process and what… Read More »

7 Reasons to Work with a Staffing Agency


Are you looking for a new position? Trying to find the right job in this market can be more than a challenge. To gain access to new job leads and increase your chances at landing the right role, you may need to partner with a professional agency to aid your search. Here are our top… Read More »

Benefits of Partnering with a Staffing Firm During Times of Uncertainty


Employers are always looking to maximize efficiency. So why does the hiring process always take so long? Creating the perfect posting, sifting through resumes, and onboarding? Difficult to manage under normal circumstances, much less a global pandemic. Refer some of the work to professionals — here’s why:  Fill Staffing Gaps  If you’re in a race… Read More »