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Material Handling- Hand Truck Safety


Hand trucks are effective for reducing strain while moving heavy materials. However, injury can still occur. Use the following tips to prevent strains, trips and falls when using a hand truck. Lifting practices: Load and unload the hand truck carefully, following proper lifting technique. Always keep your back straight while lifting. Get help if the… Read More »

Hand Safety


The hands and fingers are the most often injured parts of the body. There are few work activities which do not involve the hands. The potential for injury is always there and we must be constantly aware to avoid hazards and injury. The primary way to avoid injury is to ensure that hands are kept… Read More »

The Mechanics of Lifting


Every day we use our backs for lifting and rarely think about possible injury. It’s not until we’ve hurt ourselves that we become acutely aware of the importance of proper lifting mechanics and body posture. Understanding and using proper lifting mechanics can aid you in maintaining a healthy back for many years to come. Proper Body… Read More »