Building Loyalty: Strategies for Employee Retention in the Construction Industry


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Building loyalty in the construction industry can be challenging. Many employers struggle with employee retention.

Many construction workers are retiring or finding roles within other industries. Also, many job seekers are not attracted to the construction industry. As a result, construction firms are having difficulty finding and keeping talent.

The results of increasing turnover in the construction industry include lower employee engagement, performance, and productivity. Other results include decreased job satisfaction, employee morale, and attraction and retention rates. These factors weaken a company’s bottom line.

Fortunately, as a construction company leader, you can take steps to build employee retention. These methods can help.

Choose among these strategies to build loyalty and increase employee retention in the construction industry.

Demonstrate Your Company’s Culture

Share your company’s mission, vision, and values and how they are carried out. These characteristics help attract candidates whose personal values and beliefs align with your company’s values and beliefs. Employees who align with your culture are likely to remain engaged, productive, and loyal long-term.

You can visit your construction sites to determine how well your culture is being modeled. For instance, focus on how employees interact with each other. Also, talk with employees about how they feel about the work environment and what they would like changed. Then, respond accordingly.

Provide Career Development Opportunities

Emphasize the career paths that your construction company offers. Employees want to work for employers who offer upward mobility within the organization. Providing opportunities for upskilling and promotions supports long-term loyalty.

Prioritize Teamwork

Effective teamwork helps resolve issues and overcome challenges. Teamwork also builds employee relationships, camaraderie, and cohesion. The results include increased safety, trust, and respect.

You can emphasize teamwork by clarifying each employee’s role and performance expectations to minimize confusion and errors. Also, support open communication among your workforce to facilitate employee engagement and productivity. Additionally, develop a mentorship program to transfer knowledge and skills and encourage relationships among employees.

Involve Employees in Decision-Making

Provide opportunities for employees to engage in the decision-making process. For instance, working onsite means employees can provide input that management did not consider. Also, including employees in making decisions provides a sense of responsibility and ownership. Additionally, showing that employee ideas and perspectives are valued and respected encourages employees to stay loyal to your company.

Reward Employees  

Recognize and reward employees for their contributions and results. For instance, clarify a specific accomplishment, what the employee did to achieve it, and how it impacted the organization. Also, include a gift card, bonus, or promotion when appropriate. These incentives help build loyalty within your organization.

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