The Importance of Continuous Education for Electricians


Continuous education is important for electricians. Staying current on industry news, trends, and best practices helps electricians remain safe while completing electrical work.

Continuous education helps electricians learn about advancements in LED lighting, lighting controls, whole home automation, generators, transformers, and related topics. This education helps maintain compliance with the National Electrical Code (NEC), meet customer demand, and keep companies competitive.

Discover the importance of continuous education for electricians.

Increased Safety for Electricians

Continuous education helps electricians maintain safety while working. Combining in-person, hands-on classroom instruction with on-the-job training and mentorship is an effective method to elevate safety for electricians.

For instance, having proper education and safety training helps prevent arc flashes that can harm anyone nearby. Also, having a thorough understanding of and hands-on experience with electrical codes helps electricians safely install equipment or diagnose and solve equipment-related problems.

Elevated Proficiency in Lighting

The rapid changes in lighting controls increase the need for continuous education for electricians.  Examples include addressable systems, daylight sensors, occupancy sensors, and dimming capabilities.

For instance, many electricians spend a significant amount of time working with lighting controls and fixture packages. Installing these controls and packages in smart buildings and intelligent network systems requires every device to communicate and be programmed by remote, laptop, or smartphone. As a result, continuous education is essential to navigate the complexity of these projects.

Understanding the products of the top lighting control manufacturers helps minimize labor costs to install the equipment and time and money spent on callbacks. Knowledge of what the products do, how they work together, how they are wired, the signals sent to different areas, and other relevant details help efficiently complete the work.

Greater Technical Expertise

A complete understanding of code and technical expertise in sizing, installation, and troubleshooting are required to diagnose and solve electrical problems. For instance, because different brands of generators have different operating systems, the generators typically stop running for different reasons. Therefore, understanding the technical aspects of generators is essential to repair them.

As a result, electricians should understand basic codes to properly choose and install an optional standby system generator, the accepted methods for sizing a permanently installed generator, and the proper methods for using each. This knowledge helps troubleshoot and efficiently fix electrical problems.

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