Apprenticeships: Your Steppingstones to a Successful Construction Career


Apprenticeships can be your stepping stones to a successful construction career. The education, skills, and experience you gain can support advancements in your professional path.

An apprenticeship provides classroom instruction and paid on-the-job training to gain specialized construction skills. Completion of the program can lead to full-time employment.

Discover how apprenticeships can be your stepping stones to a successful construction career.

Education, Training, and Experience

Participation in a construction apprenticeship provides you with the education, training, and experience needed for career development. Because you learn while earning income, you can begin your professional path after finishing high school.

Progression in an apprenticeship can increase your compensation. The more education, skills, and experience you gain, the higher your hourly wages may be.

Customized Support

Engagement in an apprenticeship provides you with one-on-one learning and development. This targeted training means you always have a construction professional who can answer your questions, instruct you in performing tasks, and help perfect your techniques.

The knowledge you gain immediately can be applied to real-world situations. Also, having direct access to mentors and colleagues helps you understand and negotiate employment contracts. Having realistic expectations for pay, hours, and other back-end details supports long-term career satisfaction.

Earned Credential

Graduation from an apprenticeship provides you with a certified credential that US employers recognize and accept. This credential shows your knowledge, skills, and experience are transferrable to employment opportunities throughout the country.

You might be able to apply your credits toward a technical certificate or associate, bachelor’s, or master’s degree. Earning a certificate or degree can increase your options for career development.

Competitive Advantage

Finishing an apprenticeship shows you have the drive, dedication, and work ethic needed to succeed. It also demonstrates you are serious about your construction career and commitment to a role.

Knowing you can solve problems and overcome challenges makes you highly desirable to employers. Therefore, you are likely to secure the jobs you want for career progression.

Higher Compensation

Completion of an apprenticeship lets you earn higher income than a construction worker in a similar role who did not complete an apprenticeship. This difference in compensation can significantly add up throughout your construction career.

Career Advancement

Working in an apprenticeship lets you earn a promotion without taking time off to go back to school. The knowledge, skills, and experience you gain can set you up for jobs with increased responsibility and pay, including management and supervisory roles.

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