Key Qualities to Look for When Hiring Journeyman Electricians and Electrical Apprentices


A journeyman electrician is in the second stage of their electrician career path. This tradesperson completed their education and training and became licensed. The journeyman electrician can work independently in residential, commercial, or government buildings while reporting to a master electrician.

An electrical apprentice is a student in an apprenticeship program. This apprentice learns through classroom education and paid on-the-job training. The electrical apprentice builds basic electrical skills and takes on basic tasks and responsibilities while under the observation of a journeyman electrician.

Understanding the key qualities to look for when hiring journeymen electricians and electrical apprentices helps determine which candidates are most qualified for the roles. Adding the best talent to your team helps you take on additional projects and reach company goals.

Look for these key qualities when hiring journeymen electricians and electrical apprentices.

Key Qualities for Journeymen Electricians

Journeymen electricians should have the following qualities:

  • Technical skills: Journeyman electricians must be experts in electrical code and electrical systems. They must follow safety procedures, know how to use power tools and repair wires, and more.
  • Organization: Journeyman electricians must maintain inventory lists, job logs, and other records and create filing systems to easily access information.
  • Communication: Strong verbal, nonverbal, and written communication is required to work with customers, supervisors, and apprentices. These skills facilitate collaborating with teammates, explaining concepts to customers, and making recommendations.
  • Attention to detail: Paying attention to detail is required to maintain safety, assess electrical systems, and repair issues according to code.
  • Problem-solving: Troubleshooting is required to uncover and resolve issues within an electrical system.
  • Endurance: Physical ability and stamina are required to carry heavy equipment, stand for long periods, and work in small spaces.
  • Mentoring: Journeyman electricians can help train apprentices, provide advice, and recommend strategies to build their careers.

Key Qualities for Electrical Apprentices

Electrical apprentices should have the following qualities:

  • Time management: Adherence to a schedule is necessary to complete the required tasks each day.
  • Active listening: Electrical apprentices must give their full attention to the person speaking, ask follow-up questions, and repeat what they hear to ensure understanding.
  • Troubleshooting: The ability to determine the cause of an operating error and decide how to fix it is essential.
  • Critical thinking: An electrical apprentice must use logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative approaches to problems, conclusions, and solutions.
  • Problem-solving: Reviewing relevant information to develop, evaluate, and implement solutions is required.
  • Decision-making: An electrical apprentice must consider the benefits and costs of potential actions to select the most appropriate one.
  • Ongoing learning: Understanding the implications of new information for current and future problem-solving and decision-making is essential.

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