The Role of Robotics in Construction


The role of robotics in construction has substantial room for growth. As of 2023, the construction industry is well behind other industries in adopting robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence (AI).

The implementation of robotics, automation, and AI supports faster construction, greater accuracy, higher quality, and fewer errors than a human workforce. The result is significant time and financial savings for a stronger bottom line.

Discover the role of robotics in construction.

Robots Work with Humans

Several robots are being marketed to work alongside human construction workers. Additional robotics are being developed to modernize architecture, engineering, and the construction process.

Construction robots are designed to assist the human workforce rather than replace it. These robots help increase efficiency, productivity, and accuracy at job sites.

Brick-Laying Robot

The Hadrian X robot uses data from 3D CAD models to build walls and block structures. This robot can quickly create masonry work, reduce material wastage, and increase cost efficacy for a project.

3D Printing Robot

3D printing involves the sequential layering of construction materials to make three-dimensional structures. The 3D printers are controlled by computer programming and AI. The robotics technology reads the 3D CAD models, then prints the structure by placing layers of the materials accordingly.


Drones programmed with AI increase the security of construction sites. These drones capture aerial footage and pictures of the sites and live-stream videos on monitors, tablets, and mobile phones.

Autonomous Construction Vehicles

Autonomous construction vehicles are controlled by AI and high-level computer programming. These vehicles include excavators, track loaders, and bulldozers that are programmed to lift objects, carry and place heavy loads, and other activities.

Demolition Robots  

Demolition robots can be controlled from a safe area to bring down structures. These robots provide a safer environment for workers and cost less than demolition crews.


A construction worker can wear an exoskeleton to assist with lifting heavy loads. The metallic framework helps the worker maintain their balance. The result is increased safety, efficiency, and productivity with fewer injuries.

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