Energizing the World: Electricians and the Growing Solar Power Industry


Solar power is one of the most popular renewable energy sources to energize the world. As a result, electricians play a key role in the growing solar power industry.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, renewable energy sources accounted for approximately 21.5% of electricity generation and approximately 13.1% of total US energy consumption in 2022. Also, the Sierra Club stated that as of April 2022, over 180 cities and towns and 7 states were committed to 100% clean energy.

If you are building a career in electrical engineering, you can find rewarding opportunities that involve working on renewable energy projects. These projects help you make a difference in our planet’s future.

Discover how electricians are energizing the world by working in the growing solar power industry.

How Electricians Impact the Solar Power Industry

Electrical engineers find innovative methods to produce, store, and deliver solar power. These professionals’ technical expertise helps companies create environmentally friendly practices to harvest solar power.

Electrical Engineer Job Duties and Responsibilities

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 9% of electrical engineers worked in electric power generation, transmission, and distribution in 2021. Common job duties and responsibilities for engineers at utility companies include:

  • Projecting future power needs
  • Determining routes for distribution lines
  • Designing transmission towers and lines
  • Setting up substations with the equipment to perform circuit breaking and other functions
  • Maintaining and updating generators
  • Monitoring and balancing distribution systems
  • Identifying and taking steps to address potential problems with a power system
  • Planning relevant changes to power systems

Demand for Electrical Engineers

The technical advancements in solar energy drive the need for electrical engineers. These professionals can build their careers by expanding their technical skills in designing equipment and optimizing processes to support the move toward sustainability.

Electrical engineers who work for utilities or research and development firms can impact the creation of power storage solutions. Increasing capacity and efficiency enhance the potential to deliver a steady supply of environmentally friendly electricity to communities throughout the country.

Advanced technical knowledge and creative problem-solving are required to impact solar energy generation, transmission, distribution, and consumption. Electrical engineers who understand the principles behind the latest power systems, energy conversion, and smart power grids can help shape the future of the solar power industry.

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