Top 5 Skills Every HVAC Technician Needs To Succeed


Happy HVAC Technician Day on June 22! As a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning technician, your work helps others work and live in comfortable environments.

Your hard skills involve using the tools and equipment required to fulfill your responsibilities. Conversely, your soft skills help you manage your workload and work with teammates. Combining your hard and soft skills improves your success in a role.

When looking for your next HVAC technician role, it is important you highlight the relevant skills in your resume. Showing you have the required knowledge and experience helps secure the position you desire.

Include in your resume the top five skills every HVAC technician needs to succeed

1. Time Management

Proper time management lets you fill a range of customer needs each day. For instance, you can effectively organize your schedule and arrive on time for each appointment. You also can properly manage your priorities and tasks to provide excellent customer service.

2. Reading Blueprints

The ability to read blueprints helps you adhere to design specifications when installing an HVAC system. Understanding the formatting and nuances of the plans provides the details required to place the components in the proper locations. This helps with maintenance and reduces the need for repairs after installation.

3. Communication

Interacting with teammates, coworkers, supervisors, and customers requires effective communication. This includes explaining HVAC systems using clear, concise language that your audience understands. It also simplifies complex concepts and empowers others to maintain their HVAC systems effectively. Asking questions, actively listening, and quickly addressing concerns are essential as well.

4. Using Hand and Power Tools

The ability to use hand and power tools increases safety at a job site. Understanding how to properly use a drill, carbon monoxide tester, acetylene torch, and other industry-specific tools lets you safely complete projects. You can also help your teammates determine which tools to use in specific circumstances and show them how to operate them safely.

5. Critical Thinking

Critical thinking lets you react to changing circumstances and resolve complex issues. You can analyze different elements and approaches to determine the most effective solution to a problem. You also can use the blueprints to understand a designer’s or engineer’s intention and better service the vision for the property.

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