6 Behavioral Interview Questions to Ask a Plumber


Behavioral interview questions focus on a candidate’s past experiences. The answers reveal how the candidate approaches their work and the traits that support their success in a position.

Focus on each candidate’s personality and past experiences during a behavioral interview. This provides insight into how the candidate might handle day-to-day tasks and react to real-world situations while working.

Behavioral interview questions are part of a structured interview process. Therefore, you can ask all candidates the same questions and use a preset evaluation scale to compare their answers. This minimizes the impact of unconscious bias on hiring decisions.

Choose among these six behavioral interview questions to ask a plumber

1. How do you approach problem-solving on a new assignment?

See how the plumber tackles and resolves complex or unexpected issues. They should use logic and reason to solve problems.

2. What are some precautions you take to ensure workplace safety?

Focus on the plumber’s approach to working with dangerous materials and hazardous substances. Find out how they protect themselves and others.

3. Can you tell me about a time when you dealt with a difficult customer?

Pay attention to how the plumber interacts with a customer who may be frustrated and impatient because of their plumbing issue. Learn about the plumber’s approach to customer services and problem-solving.

4. Have you experienced a difficult interaction with a coworker? How did you handle the situation?

Uncover signs of the plumber’s personality, attitude, and interpersonal style. See how the plumber diffuses the situation. Look for signs of integrity, respect, service, and teamwork.

5. Did you ever make a mistake while on the job? How did you handle it?

Determine whether the plumber takes responsibility for their errors. Find out how they learn from their mistakes and perform better going forward.

6. Was there a time when you did not meet a customer’s expectations? How did you approach the situation? What was the outcome?

Find out whether the plumber arrived late and kept the customer waiting, had a technical issue, or experienced another problem. Learn how the plumber communicated about the problem, took responsibility, and turned it into a success.

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