Tips to Grow into a Management Role


Are you looking to advance your career in the construction industry? Consider growing into a management role.

A construction management role involves overseeing all aspects of a project. This includes bid submissions, construction document management, and workforce management. It also involves filing daily construction reports, communicating with clients and the firm’s owner, and more.

The goal of a construction management role is to ensure every step of the project is successfully carried out. This usually requires a significant amount of time at the construction site to monitor the activities and make decisions.

Implement These Tips To Grow Into A Construction Management Role


Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

Most construction management roles require a bachelor’s degree in construction management. This is especially important when working for larger firms with bigger projects. You learn about construction materials, workforce management, project development, building code maintenance, and other relevant issues.

Secure a Construction Job

Begin working in construction while you work toward your degree. Find an entry-level role that lets you gain experience in flooring, masonry, roofing, painting, carpentry, or another specialty that interests you. Having construction experience shows you understand what goes on at a construction site and can manage workers.

Work as an Assistant Construction Manager

This will help you gain the relevant skills needed to become a construction manager. These skills include:

Risk management

Proactively identify and overcome obstacles to reach project milestones. Maintain the project scope. Keep the construction project on schedule and within budget.


Be knowledgeable about the industry. Spot trends. Prioritize construction worker safety. Provide motivation for workers to succeed. Delegate responsibilities. Hold workers accountable. Exercise good judgment. Lead by example.


Clearly discuss construction roles and responsibilities. Emphasize safety. Send workers to the right locations. Ensure deliveries arrive on time. Maintain the schedule and the budget.


Regularly engage in education and on-the-job experience. Continuously absorb knowledge. Learn new construction technologies. Adapt to trends.

Earn Certification or a Master’s Degree

Consider becoming certified in a construction specialty. This shows you have the skills of a well-rounded, experienced construction manager. Or earn a master’s degree in construction to work on more complex projects. Show you have advanced knowledge of current construction management techniques and understand the business side of the industry.

Are You Ready to Find a Construction Management Role?

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