Ways to Improve Communication Between Your Construction Teams


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As a project manager, communication between your construction teams is key to successfully finishing projects. Open communication motivates your workers to collaborate and complete the work.

Effective communication between your construction teams increases worker engagement, performance, and productivity. This helps complete projects on time and within budget. It also improves your bottom line.

Implement these methods to improve communication between your construction teams.

Use Construction Technology

Implement construction technologies to access and share project data. This includes task management systems to keep your teams informed about specific details of the project.

The technology can track your team members’ progress and uncover any efficiencies in the work. This helps with scheduling and optimizing resources.

Include building information modeling (BIM) software to promote real-time collaboration on a project. This cloud-based technology provides your team members access to the same plans, data, and schedule at the same time. The communication tools and 3D visualizations maximize clash detection, onsite safety measures, and risk mitigation.

Talk with Your Team Leaders

Share your communication strategies and goals with your team leaders. Ask these leaders to help promote your strategies to reach these goals.

Your team leaders set an example for your workers to follow. This motivates your workers to communicate in the manner you desire.

Promote Open Communication Among Your Teams

Maintain open lines of communication with your construction teams. Show that each worker’s ideas and perspectives are valued and respected. Help everyone feel they are an important part of your team.

Share pertinent information with your construction teams as often as necessary. This encourages your team members to relay relevant details to you as well. Openly providing information minimizes issues throughout construction projects.

Prioritize Team-Building Events

Implement team-building activities to foster relationships among team members. This may include playing safety trivia, asking “Would you rather…” questions that involve choosing between two options, or sharing two truths and a lie to learn more about each other.

Engaging in team-building activities encourages your team members to make eye contact and interact with each other on a personal level. This sets a foundation for improved communication between your construction teams.

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