Do You Have the Skills to Be a Construction Laborer?


A construction laborer carries out a range of physical tasks on building sites. The laborer follows building plans and is supervised by construction foremen.

A construction laborer who specializes as a helper assists skilled workers during specific phases of construction. These phases may include carpentry, bricklaying, roofing, pipefitting, and interior and exterior painting.

Working as a construction laborer provides a range of career opportunities. Knowing which skills are required helps determine whether you should work in the field.

Discover whether you have the skills required to be a construction laborer and how to get started.


What Are a Construction Laborer’s Duties and Responsibilities?

A construction laborer’s tasks depend on the type of work, such as masonry or plumbing. The following examples are common:

  • Clear debris from structures being constructed or demolished
  • Unload and carry building materials to the designated site locations
  • Position and secure the materials for structures
  • Pour foundations
  • Operate light or heavy equipment

Does a Construction Laborer Get Paid Well?

A construction laborer’s wages depend on the geographic area and field they are employed in. Some states pay significantly more than others. The income tends to be competitive due to the shortage of construction workers.

What Education and Training Does a Construction Laborer Need?

There are no set educational or training requirements to become a construction laborer. However, you can take steps to increase your odds of landing a role:

  • Participate in an apprenticeship: Learn basic construction skills in both a classroom setting and paid on-the-job training. The top skills include communication, blueprint reading, tool and equipment use, and health and safety policies and procedures. Earning an Associate degree can help secure full-time employment, increase your wage, and provide opportunities for advancement.
  • Gain on-the-job training: Get hired as a construction laborer and work with a seasoned construction worker. Gain experience to increase your wages and advance your career.

Which Skills Are Required to Be a Construction Laborer?

A range of skills are needed to be a construction laborer:

  • Clear vision: Color vision is especially important to differentiate between wires, tools, and equipment.
  • Physical Fitness: Operating construction equipment often requires significant strength.
  • Manual dexterity: Fine motor skills are needed to use small tools.
  • Physical stamina: High levels of strength and agility for long durations are necessary.
  • Math skills: Calculations are a significant part of the job duties.

What Are Common Construction Laborer Work Sites?

A construction laborer may work on the following sites:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Bridges
  • Tunnels
  • Roads
  • Thoroughfares
  • Pipelines
  • Demolition projects
  • Waste removal

What Is a Typical Construction Laborer Work Schedule?

A construction laborer typically works full-time. The work may be paused to inclement weather or if the rain would impact the quality of the work. When this happens, the work may resume at night or on weekends to keep the project on schedule.

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