How to Update Your Construction Resume for 2023!


Your construction resume likely is your first point of contact with a company. This is why your information needs to be clear and concise. It must show you fit the job qualifications and are well-suited for the role.

Your construction resume must get past an applicant tracking system (ATS) and to the hiring manager. This impacts whether you get contacted for an interview.

You can increase your odds of setting up an interview by including the relevant information on your construction resume. These tips can help.

Follow these guidelines to update your construction resume for 2023.

Use Clear Sections

Frame your construction resume with the following sections:

  • Header
  • Personal Information
  • Profile Title
  • Key Skills
  • Professional Experience
  • Education

Consider including the following sections, if applicable:

  • Certifications
  • Awards and Recognition
  • Additional Information


Your header shows the uniqueness of your information and helps the hiring manager track your resume.

  • Use a font size of 16-20.
  • Include your first name, middle initial, and last name.

Personal Information

Include the following information so the hiring manager knows how to get in touch with you.

  • Contact number
  • Professional email address (
  • City and state

Profile Title

Your profile title shows your professional identity and status, including the following:

  • Your current designation
  • Your functional history
  • Your level of seniority

Use the following tips to create an effective profile title:

  • Choose a font size of 14-16.
  • Use a font size just below the size used for your Header.

Key Skills

Share your key skills that are relevant to the position:

  • Include the keywords in the job description
  • Use keywords common in your field of construction
  • Emphasize your efficiency

Professional Experience

Highlight your work experience, skills, contributions, achievements, and efficiency.

Use the STAR format:

  • Describe the situations involving your contributions.
  • Detail the tasks includes in your job duties and responsibilities.
  • Clarify the action taken to complete your assigned tasks.
  • Share the results of your actions.
  • Include numbers with your achievements.

Bucket and bold your information:

  • Use subheadings and relevant points.
  • Bold your top skills and accomplishments.
  • Make your details more readable and organized.
  • Emphasize your most important information.
  • Show you fit the qualifications and should be contacted for an interview.


Include the following information about your education:

  • Name of the school you attended
  • Location of the school
  • Month and year of enrollment and graduation dates


Share the details of any construction certifications you may have:

  • Certification course name
  • Name of the institution
  • Location of the institution
  • Month and year of enrollment and completion dates

Awards and Recognition

  • Share whether you were named “Employee of the Month,” “Outstanding Performer of the Year,” or another significant title.
  • Mention your key achievements and how they benefitted your previous employers.

Additional Information

Mention other details that may benefit the company:

  • Other languages you speak
  • Any hobbies relevant to the role

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