Construction Technology That’s Making Design Easier



Designing infrastructure is a significant undertaking. The process requires effort from a range of workers.

Fortunately, advances in technology make designing infrastructure easier. Streamlining the processes helps the projects get finished on time and within budget.


Discover ways construction technology is making it easier to design infrastructure.


3D Printing

Designers use 3D printing to quickly create prototypes. These prototypes help designers make more educated decisions about which materials to use and structural choices to make.

Using 3D printing may reduce emissions associated with transporting materials to building sites. The infrastructure also might become more sustainable. Additionally, printing the components onsite rather than waiting for shipped components to arrive could ease supply chain issues. Plus, the infrastructure may weigh less while remaining sturdy.

Building Information Modeling

Multidimensional digital representations of projects before and during construction show clients the potential impacts of decisions. This helps uncover potential design errors or issues before causing problems with the structure.

Building information modeling also shows how complex calculations impact a digital environment. This improves safety during construction.

Big Data Analysis

Coordinating the groups working on a design project can be challenging. Managers continuously must analyze the situation and adapt to change. Managers also rely on their instinct and experience to predict the project outcomes.

Implementing big data analysis substantially can increase productivity and project performance outcomes. The software also can identify potential risks to increase safety during construction. Additionally, the technology can track trends and provide insights into whether construction should remain on schedule. Plus, the software can be used to communicate with supply chain partners, clients, and other project stakeholders.

Computer Models

Designers, engineers, and other professionals may use computer models to determine specific outcomes and minimize unwanted results. This process uncovers how infrastructure likely will perform during its lifetime. The information impacts the design and construction of the project.

For instance, computer models can impact whether infrastructure parts are repaired or replaced after being impacted by an earthquake or another natural event. The models also help assess the changing condition of single components and their impact on nearby and codependent parts of the infrastructure.

Smart Sensors

Internet of Things sensors are used for condition monitoring. The sensors determine how infrastructure components are performing and whether they need repair or replacement. This increases the safety of the infrastructure.

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