2023 Construction Trends



The construction industry continuously is changing. New technologies and methods lead to ongoing improvements in the field.

Remaining aware of these changes is imperative. Knowing what to expect impacts your team and company. This lets you prepare accordingly.

Look for these construction trends in 2023.


Kitchen and bathroom remodeling and basement refinishing projects are popular. Home values have been increasing due to improvements like these.


Many workers use drones to survey land, deliver materials, and inspect buildings. This increases efficiency and accuracy in the construction process.

Living Materials

Self-healing concrete and asphalt are being developed for construction. The bacteria in the materials fill small cracks as they develop. Increasing durability and sustainability in the materials reduces the size of the cracks and the need for workers to seal the cracks in the future.

Modular Construction

Many companies are building prefabricated modules in factories and shipping these modules to the construction site for assembly. This process reduces construction time, improves safety, and increases efficiency. Because modular construction results in less waste and fewer emissions, it also is more sustainable than traditional construction models.

Construction Robots

Framing, masonry, roofing, and other tasks can be completed by construction robots. These robots improve safety, increase accuracy, and reduce construction time.


Eco-friendly materials and construction methods are being used to protect the environment. Many builders use energy-efficient designs and recycled materials in their structures. The goal is to minimize the environmental impact of creating the buildings.

Environmental Wellness

There is a growing demand for healthy, sustainable homes and workplaces. Indoor air quality, natural light, and acoustics are increasingly important in the built environment. As a result, green roofs, natural ventilation, daylighting, and increased use of sustainable materials are more frequently showing up. These elements promote well-being.

Redesigned Workplaces

With more employees working remotely or hybrid, there is less need for traditional office space. As a result, more offices are being redesigned to increase collaboration. These co-working spaces provide flexible, budget-friendly options for businesses. The social environment can increase productivity among workers.

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