Can the “Construction Skills Gap” Be Closed by Current Construction Managers?


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The construction management skills gap continues to exist throughout the United States. There are not enough project managers to complete the tasks required to finish projects.

The lack of construction managers leads to internal conflict, poor execution, missed deadlines, decreased productivity, and lost business. These issues impact a company’s bottom line.

Understanding why the construction manager skills gap exists helps provide solutions to the problem. This lets employers develop the skills required to fill construction manager roles and take on more projects. The more projects completed, the greater the company’s revenue.

Gain insight into why the construction skills gap exists and how construction managers can help close it.

Increasing Demand for Construction Managers

Construction projects are increasing in frequency. One reason is that technological innovation makes it easier for teams to collaborate virtually. Also, lower energy costs increase the demand for gas and oil projects. Plus, emerging industries provide additional needs for construction project development.

As a result, the demand for construction managers continues to grow. These workers are needed to carry out projects from planning to completion within the timeline and the budget.

Decreasing Supply of Construction Managers

A construction manager must juggle multiple priorities and provide input on a range of issues. They also must be diplomatic, assertive, goal-oriented, and process-savvy.

The complexity of being a construction manager means a limited number of workers possess the skills and qualifications for success in the role. As a result, the growth rate of certification for construction managers is significantly lower than the demand.

Other causes of the construction skills gap include a lack of bench strength, an absence of talent development, and workers who are unprepared for change. This means that company leaders, Human Resources professionals, and trainers must update their ways of running businesses for more desirable results.

Closing the Construction Skills Gap

The construction skills gap can be closed by training workers to increase their skill sets. This applies to both current and potential construction managers.

For instance, find workers who are interested in becoming certified in project management. Then, enroll them in entry-level project management courses to develop a basic foundation for the work. After completion, enroll these workers in advanced courses to build on their knowledge. Next, let them take on small-stakes projects to apply what they learn. In time, these construction managers can take on more complex projects.

Investing in construction managers’ training increases a company’s project management capability. It also helps workers feel valued and appreciated. This increases employee performance, job satisfaction, and retention.

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