Highlight These Skills in Your Next Construction Interview


A construction interview is designed to show you have the skills required to fulfill the job duties and responsibilities. You need to show you have the construction knowledge, physical capability, and learning ability to perform the work.

Having an idea of the skills you may be asked about lets you prepare for your interview. The following suggestions can help.


Ensure you talk about these skills during your next construction interview.

Physical Strength

Provide examples that demonstrate your physical strength and stamina. Show you can lift heavy objects with the proper posture and form. This is important for both indoor and outdoor manual labor.

Hand-Eye Coordination

Share examples of how you can quickly and accurately move your arms and legs in any environment. This includes sitting, standing, or lying down for a significant amount of time. Also, give examples of how you can read documents, focus on details close up or far away, and see gauges and dials to operate the equipment. These abilities may be relevant to your duties.

Technical Knowledge

Discuss your training and experience with different types of construction work. Include the materials and tools required to fulfill the services. This may involve masonry, surveying, ironwork, or plumbing. It also might include HVAC, demolition, renovations, or framing. Or, roofing, power tools, wallcovering, or building and repairing structures, highways, or bridges could be relevant.

Your ability to distinguish between the different types of heavy equipment matters as well. This may include which types of bulldozers are better at handling materials than the other types.

Reading and Math Skills

Talk about how you use general math, algebra, and geometry in your construction work. Examples include calculating building materials, keeping track of measurements, or determining the required adjustments.

Share how you use your reading skills for various tasks. Examples include reading documentation or interpreting blueprints.


Demonstrate your methods to remember instructions. You need to work independently while focusing on precision and accuracy. This involves recalling processes, procedures, and details.


Provide examples of how you give or receive directions, ask questions, and make decisions while working. This also may include how you write emails, reports, or documents. Your ability to communicate impacts whether rework needs to be done.

Willingness to Learn

Share how you prioritize ongoing training and development. Examples include how you stay current with the latest methods, tools, and techniques in the construction industry. This makes the work easier and saves the company money.


Discuss how you collaborate with your team. This includes quickly resolving uncertainty and disagreement. The faster you produce quality work, the more the project can get done on time and within budget.

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