Dress For Success! How to Dress Safely for Your Construction Job


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Working in construction requires wearing the appropriate clothing. This increases your safety and the safety of others.

Your employer typically provides rules about the type of clothing to wear for a job site. There likely are signs at a job site to provide additional reminders.

The following guidelines provide insight into the proper attire to wear on most construction sites.

Shirts and Pants

Short- or long-sleeved shirts and long pants typically are required on job sites.

  • Long-sleeve shirts need to fit snugly.
  • Baggy shirts can get caught in moving machinery and cause injury.
  • Long pants without rips or holes protect a worker’s legs from harm.
  • Pants should have accessible pockets to hold work-related items.

Protective Equipment

Hard hats, safety glasses or goggles, face shields, safety gloves, and work shoes or boots are required on most job sites.

  • Hard hats protect workers from injuries caused by falling objects.
  • The hats keep workers’ heads cool in warm weather.
  • Safety glasses or goggles protect workers from injuries caused by falling objects.
  • The glasses or goggles protect workers using or working near power tools or machinery.
  • Face shields protect workers’ faces when working with chemicals.
  • Safety gloves protect workers’ hands when doing certain types of work, like handling wood.
  • Rubber or synthetic gloves should be worn when working with chemicals, oils, or solvents.
  • Leather gloves should be worn when welding.
  • Typical footwear includes hard-soled or steel-toed shoes or boots with slip protection.
  • The footwear protects workers’ feet from injuries caused by falling objects, slips, or stepping on nails or other sharp objects.


There typically are special rules regarding earplugs, hair ties, jewelry, and safety vests for job sites.

  • Earplugs must be worn when working with or near loud machinery to protect the ears from damage.
  • Workers with long hair need to tie it back to avoid getting their hair stuck in the machinery.
  • Jewelry should not be worn on a job site.
  • Workers typically should wear safety vests to increase visibility and decrease the odds of getting injured by moving vehicles.

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