4 Construction Degrees


If you want a career in the construction industry, you may decide to pursue a degree in the field that interests you. Most degree programs teach cost estimating, building materials, and blueprint reading. You might learn accounting, quality control, and communications as well. If your program involves field experience, you would get a head start on working for a construction company before you earn your degree.

The following are four construction degrees you can pursue at a college or university.

1. Associate of Applied Science in Construction Technology

An Associate of Applied Science in construction technology degree prepares you for an entry-level construction project.

  • A high school diploma is required.
  • Experience working in construction is helpful.
  • Participate in classes, shops, and internships related to construction technology.
  • Typical courses include framing, plumbing, and custom cabinet making.
  • Develop basic skills to manage construction projects and trade skills such as carpentry and cabinet making.

2. Bachelor of Science in Construction Management

A Bachelor of Science in construction management degree lets you specialize in areas such as residential or industrial construction. You can further narrow your studies in an area such as plumbing.

  • A high school diploma and completion of the ACT or SAT are required.
  • Typical courses include construction surveying, financial accounting, and construction management principles.
  • Develop knowledge and business skills in construction materials and methods.
  • If fieldwork is required, you can gain experience with a contractor or construction firm.

3. Master of Science in Construction Management

A Master of Science in Construction Management degree lets you pursue advanced education.

  • A bachelor’s degree in construction management or a similar field is required.
  • You may be able to pursue the master’s degree without a bachelor’s degree if you have adequate construction experience and agree to take additional courses.
  • Typical courses include construction marketing, construction management systems, and construction law.
  • Learn to apply management theories and practices to construction projects and programs.
  • Get trained on technology, software, budgets, and project finance.
  • Learn to communicate about construction projects to your employees, clients, and the public.

4. Doctor of Philosophy in Construction Management

A Doctor of Philosophy in construction management degree trains you to apply construction management theories and practices to building projects.

  • A master’s degree in construction management or a related field, such as architecture or business management, is required.
  • You may be able to pursue the doctorate degree if you have a master’s degree in an unrelated field and agree to meet additional coursework requirements.
  • Typical courses involve construction management research and technology, advanced cost estimating, and construction systems.
  • Completion of a dissertation is required.

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