Negotiating Rates as a Construction Job Seeker


Successful negotiation of the pay rate you want for your construction job is important. You must be able to support the lifestyle you desire and be able to retire on schedule.

Even if you do not like to negotiate, it is an important skill that impacts your income. This is why practicing your negotiation skills before a job interview should be one of your priorities. The more prepared you are to potentially receive a job offer, the more likely you are to secure the rates you want.

Implement these tips to negotiate a rate for your next construction job.

Negotiate with Confidence

Speaking with confidence increases the odds of receiving the rate you want.

  • Confidence typically is a more significant factor than facts in a persuasive argument.
  • Showing decisiveness and conviction in providing high-quality work to employers tends to convince them to pay your requested rate.

Establish the Basis for Your Rate

Focus on the value you provide in exchange for payment of the rate you desire.

  • Use your reasoning to create a logical basis for your pay rate.
  • Include examples of the value you provided for previous employers to show why you should be paid your requested rate.
  • Point out the benefits the employer would gain by taking advantage of your skills at the rate you ask for.

Offer a Range of Rates

Provide a pay range beginning with a reasonable amount above the rate you want to earn.

  • Your employer may be willing to hire you at an increased rate if you give a range of rates rather than a single rate.
  • Beginning the negotiation higher than the rate you want provides room to negotiate more income than the minimum rate you would work for.
  • Making a larger request tends to persuade an employer to agree to your lower request.
  • Because your lower request should be more in line with what the employer is willing to pay, you are more likely to secure the rate you want.

Prepare for a Counteroffer

Get ready for the employer to offer less than the rate you desire.

  • Emphasize the importance of the return on investment the employer would receive from hiring you at the rate you requested.
  • Remind the employer of the skills they are looking for that you possess.

Partner with a Recruiter

If you work with a recruiter from CCS Construction Staffing, they can negotiate a potential job offer on your behalf. Visit our job board to get started.

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