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Getting a construction project back to its baseline schedule is not easy. This is especially true for large-scale, complex projects with timelines covering years between launch and completion. Adverse weather conditions, material defects, equipment malfunction, supply chain issues, and labor shortages commonly impact on-time delivery. Overcoming these delays can involve having general contractors use the right tools and insight to quickly adapt and move the project forward.

Follow these guidelines to help move your construction project back to a proper timeline.

Regularly Assess Your Project Schedule

As soon as you see your construction project timeline being impacted, reassess your baseline schedule. Even a small delay can affect many layers of interdependent tasks that could create a larger problem long-term. If you have a complex project with multiple moving parts, you may want to use artificial intelligence (AI)-based tool for construction project scheduling to save resources. This lets general contractors, and their teams analyze current site conditions to determine the overall impact on the project outcomes. It also lets the contractors make schedule adjustments that integrate throughout the entire project.

Consider Alternative Project Plans

Use AI-based tools to create models of existing data that simulate and assess different ways to continue the project and stay within your timeline and budget as much as possible. For instance, you may be able to determine what would happen if two cranes were used simultaneously rather than one. Or, you could determine whether constructing columns in sequence would be more efficient than building them in concert. This helps the general contractors determine the most efficient alternative for construction and which steps to take to continue making progress.

Use Project Data to Increase Efficiency

Track the most important information for both your construction project and the company to support success. This may include which supplier ships fastest, how often a contractor overschedules, or whether the municipality can commit to specific inspection dates. The information helps the general contractors quickly adapt to unexpected challenges. You may want to use an AI-based solution to consolidate, analyze, and draw on project data to inform project planning and scheduling. This forms a foundation to uncover hidden risks and potential solutions to proactively move forward.

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