6 Ways to Develop and Support Leadership




Developing leadership skills in your team members is important for company growth. The more opportunities you provide your team members to take leadership roles, the more comfortable they will be. This creates a foundation to take on more challenging positions as your organization grows.


Follow these guidelines to develop and support leadership skills among your team members.

1. Lead by Example

Model proper leadership behavior at all times. This involves thinking and acting in line with the company mission, vision, values. Your actions set a foundation for leadership development at all levels of the organization to reach business goals.

2. Discuss Career Paths

Talk with your team members about how they can advance to leadership roles within the organization. Clarify the steps needed to move up and how long the process may take. Demonstration of clear ways for your team members to reach their professional goals helps you attract and retain the best talent.

3. Share Resources

Offer opportunities for your employees to develop their leadership skills. For instance, share articles, books, conferences, leadership development programs, and professional associations to participate in. Also, provide informal support networks, mentorships, and coaching. Additionally, encourage your team members to discuss their experiences and struggles as leaders to facilitate group discussions. Plus, include your team in discussions to show that their ideas and input are valued.

4. Offer Opportunities to Lead

Find ways for your team members to lead others. This may involve meetings, presentations, stretch assignments, or projects. Having your team members take the lead helps them develop their skills. The more comfortable they become, the bigger the leadership tasks they can take on.

5. Support Failure

Remind your team that they will not always attain the objectives they set. Encourage them to embrace failure and learn from it. This includes determining what went wrong and how it could have been done differently. Also, encourage your team to continue working toward their goal until they achieve it. They can use what they learn to perform better next time.

6. Provide Feedback

Give your team members real-time feedback on their leadership performance. This includes how they help develop others, support continuous growth, and recognize teammates for their contributions. For instance, point out your team members’ strengths, weaker areas, and specific steps for improvement. Also, offer coaching to promote leadership development in the necessary areas. Remind your team members that you want them to grow with the company because they are valuable assets.

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