Improve Your Electrician Efficiency


Efficiently working on an electrical job impacts the success of a construction project. The faster you complete quality work, the more likely the project will be completed on time and within budget. This lets you begin another job and repeat the process to add value for the client.



Implement these five tips to increase efficiency in your electrical work.

1. Create Detailed Proposals

Develop a contract that thoroughly establishes all expectations for the parties involved. Include all details related to the design and build for the job to maintain uniformity. If multiple tasks will be completed at one time, clarify who is responsible for what. Upfront documentation of the information promotes understanding of exactly what the finished product should look like, how long the job should take, and what the cost should be. It also establishes expectations to keep the workers on track. This saves time by maintaining organization and avoiding potential issues due to miscommunication.

2. Clearly Communicate

Maintain open communication with everyone involved in the project. For instance, use cloud-based construction software to communicate in real-time with the contractor, subcontractor, supervisor, client, and anyone else working on the project. Keeping everyone informed lets them know how much progress has been made, what is being worked on, and what remains to be completed. This saves time by avoiding miscommunication or misunderstanding. Also, talk with the construction contractor if a disagreement comes up. Because you serve as an extension of the general contractor, you need to represent them well and produce quality work that reflects well on both of you.

3. Follow Instructions

Adhere to the instructions and protocol provided by the construction contractor. Because the contractor serves as the voice for the client, you need to carry out tasks as instructed to meet the specifications. Proper completion of the work the first time saves time on the job site and keeps the general contractor and client satisfied.

4. Maintain Certification

Staying current with your certification and licensing lets you prepare for different projects. Having the proper permits and licenses for a job lets you begin working when needed. Along with saving time, this provides an advantage over the electricians who lack these requirements. It also shows the contractor you have the necessary experience and are the right fit for this job and future jobs.

5. Stay Transparent

Transparency in all business workings is important for contractors and clients to be satisfied with your performance. You may want to use electrical contractor software to keep track of important documents. You also could use project management software to record all labor hours and units, track materials, and document labor costs. The ability to access this information when needed increases efficiency for each job.

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